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Ausmag Media offers various printing techniques, such as Offset printing, Screen printing and Digital Printing for CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays.

Offset Printing

Due to its nature of high resolution and countless color variations, offset reproduces photographic quality images and intricate color patterns with vibrancy. The matte finish remains smudge-proof and virtually scratch-proof. 

Offset printing is intended for high-volume or replication disc orders. When it comes to thousands of copies, offset disc printing is quick, highly efficient and economical in such bulk quantities. Our offset printer produces 3,600 photo-realistic discs per hour. 

Silkscreen Printing

Screen Printing is a cost-effective method for high-volume CD, DVD or Blu-ray orders.

For discs that require solid color surfaces or vector text and images, the silkscreen technique can provide the highest quality color matching as well as crisp text.


One can also maximize the use of the disc's surface area, as images can be printed to the very edge of the disc.

Digital Printing


Digital / Tapematic Printing produces high quality printing directly to the surface of any media including CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray.

All discs are printed in high resolution, full color, and instantly dried using UV light.


Digital printing is ideally suited for speedy turnaround and smaller quantity orders.

CD/DVD Duplication

Ausmag media uses great technological machineries

to duplicate your projects, quick and easy!

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